What We Do

Snowy August Mortgage Funds LLC, who is the manager of Snowy August Funds, provides better risk-adjusted uncorrelated returns by excelling in the procurement and acquisition of rare and difficult-to-obtain asset-backed debt, often at discounted rates that are unavailable to most investors.

Residential and Commercial Mortgage Notes

The objective of the Company is to acquire residential and commercial mortgage notes that are secured by real estate properties in various locations within the United States, at a discounted price. This is done with the intention of reselling these notes to generate a profit and increase the Company's equity. To mitigate the risk of potential losses, the Company will purchase a pool of discounted mortgage notes, which allows for an initial profit upon acquisition.  Even though there are seldom adverse outcomes, more often than not, the outcome scenario of these deals is we get paid off by the borrower, or we get to own the underlying property.